Clenched fist syndrome: a case report | Journal of Medical Case Reports | Full Text - Clenching of the fist

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The clenched fist syndrome/psycho-flexed hand, first described in the early s, has not yet entered the major psychiatric textbooks. Memory can be improved simply by clenching the fists, a study suggests. Clenching the right hand for 90 seconds helps in memory formation.

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By Kazrazil - 05:06
The research was conducted by a team of experts from Montclair State University, led by Ruth Propper, and was published in the journal PLOS ONE.​ A previous study from UCLA demonstrated that stimulating key areas of the brain can improve memory.​ In order to examine how hand.
By Tujora - 20:55
Forget the hair gel, fist pumping may be part of the reason the "Jersey Shore" cast members are so happy. Admittedly, they save their fist.
By Meztijind - 19:50
A hand with the fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting).
By Grozuru - 05:28
J Hand Surg Am. Sep;5(5) The clenched fist syndrome. Simmons BP​, Vasile RG. The clenched fist syndrome is an entity in which the patient keeps.
By Kazile - 11:48
A clenched fist may seem like a violent reaction but the action could be enough to deal with anything from pain to temptation, scientists say.

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